Seven Stages of Grief

by Orion Saiph

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released April 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Orion Saiph Santander, Spain

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Track Name: Pain, Grief and Sorrow
What is it that awaits us? my son
Pain, grief and sorrow.
All I cannot see in your eyes
Everything you don’t deserve

Did you see that man?
He doesn’t want to see the world
The world doesn’t want to see him

We want to play our part in the biggest of all games
but this trail of tears leads nowhere
There’s so much suffering in a path
that is full of questions, maybe, it’s better not to ask.
Pain, Grief, Sorrow.

I still can see that hole in my father’s chest
There was no other choice but death
and I don’t want no death for you
Because you don’t deserve it
Because your eyes are still clear
Track Name: Final Spring
He looks into that place
where he will finally rest
His name is written in the stone
He bought it years ago
His wife’s dead body in the next tomb
A new life begins without her

Illness left her in bed
And she behaved like he was to blame
The lack of hope turned into rage

When the end is near, my final spring
Leave this pain behind, eyes open wide
I wanna live, my time is running out
I wanna feel, the blood run through my veins
(once again)

Years passed in that room
Day by day looking after her
A silent yearning for freedom inside

When the end is near, my final spring
Leave the pain behind, eyes open wide
I wanna live, my time is running out
I wanna feel, the blood run through my veins
(once again)

Ashamed of all these feelings
Please forgive me where you are
I hope you can understand

Looking through the window everyday’s the same
Too many years of suffering turn love into hate
Now you’re gone this anguish ends for both of us
Drowned in the pain so empty but… I am still alive
Track Name: The Bride
It’s been a while since I first met you
Still in youth, already dying

Alive… like a cramp
running through my spine
Like a cramp, running through my spine

Give me something to believe in
Because this is not the first time I’ve tried it
Sharing failure and frustration
Talking about the deepest
of all our wreckages
Falling, aren’t we all falling?

It’s been a while since I first met you
Still in youth, already dying

Already doomed to understand you
Already doomed and almost dying

Souls in holy communion
Together in one soul cry
Take me away out of myself
Make me forget all the rest…
So let me wake up inside of this dream
So close the door…and leave me here

Enjoying the fresh air
Just one second before you hit the ground
Enjoying the fresh air
Just one second before...
Track Name: Serotonin
Is this what I have been searching for?
The corners of my mind
Twisting like a shadow
Dwelling in the dark

Many times I’ve wondered
If the choice was ever there
If we read what we feel inside
or if we are what we’ve read

When the floor
starts to tremble and your hands
can’t reach the walls, because you can’t see
further than the fear that you feel
Breathing slowly will not do
when there is no air

Is this what I asked for?
I thought the end was near
Living with no future
Means living with fear.
Because many times I’ve wondered
How everything works
Did I write my sentence
or was I sentenced since I was born?

If you change the path that you have walked
Would it change the way you see?
Could you change the way you see?
And if you could
Do you think you can still be called you?
Track Name: Distant Sun
Anxiety, prosperity
Will to live, deathwish
Two great wars, a third to come,
Grain of sand, speck of dust...

Oh, Saiph, sometimes I wonder
how many names you have? and you little man
how were you fooled with your little plans?
How many eyes have seen you
since the first times?
Oh, Saiph! Sometimes I wonder...

You sat on that hill
Watching the bombs fall
You painting the streets with your blood
Nobody cares until it’s too late
Why are you wasting your gifts?
Track Name: Breaker of Chains
There’s no time for golden lords
No place to hide, no place to run
Now I believe in breaking the wheel of game
Pray to the seven if you think it’s safe... or brave

Doriar udra pōnto syt eman.
Mērī jemī ivestran.
Ēlī Astaprot istan.
Astaprot dohaertrossa sīr yno inkot iōrzi, dāeri.

Bring them, I have a new message
Show them the path to change it

You should kiss this cross
It will be your final home
‘Cause your screams will be their favourite song

Please, take your clothes off
and listen close to what’s coming…
No more chains around my neck
It’s time to kill the masters…
…burn them all.
Track Name: The Hunter's Fall
The higher up, the greater the fall

So you stayed round here for a while
Once more in my table one more to drink my wine
Wasn’t it enough?
No, you had to rape her
You stayed round here for a while
We had fun together, everything was fine
Always wanting more
There’s nothing left

Many times you tried to warn me
but I will seek revenge
Blind… revenge

Cry of the universe
Cry for the fall
For the giant’s fall
Cry of the universe
Cry for the fall
For the hunter’s fall

Walk the sky
as a reminder
that every great power
will come to an end
The scorpion shows
and you will set
Highest power
insignificant death

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